We won't stand idly by (Kevin Boland)

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It’s a short book, the title refers to the famous statement put out by Taoiseach Jack Lynch in response to the beginning of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Kevin Boland discusses the rejection of Fianna Fàil traditional Republican policy towards Northern Ireland. Boland argues the view once held and established by the ‘Old Gods’ policy of highlighting the injustices of Partition and British Imperialist attitudes towards the ‘Occupied Six’ is being abandoned. This is been done by Taoiseach Jack Lynch politicking to make Fianna Fáil abandon its true Republican aims. That Lynch’s Republicanism is more in-tune with the French Revolution ideas of liberty, fraternity, equality and the government of consent, which Boland believes is not the traditional Fianna Fàil Republicanism which is endorsing physical violence. Boland lambasts the decision to seek an appeal to United Nations for the peace-keeping force to be deployed within Northern Ireland.

An interesting aspect of the book is Boland argues that perhaps Fianna Fàil have gotten to comfortable with power, as their slow response (coming back from holidays) to first hold a Cabinet meeting about the situation in the North and conjuring a response. Boland takes the view that power has corrupted Fianna Fàil deputies as back-benchers are reluctant to speak out of line in a hope they will maintain and grow their standing in the party, a view shared by his father Gerald Boland, (from Noel Whelan’s Biography of Fianna Fàil) one of the founding fathers of the party, when he retired and a new guard was replacing the old.

Boland then discusses that since Fianna Fáil has reneged on its Republican ambitions, a space has been created for Aontacht Éireann, which he argues is filling the gap of assisting the Nationalist community in Northern Ireland. Alongside this he highlights getting American political pressure on Britain to bring attention to the issue of Partition.