Wexford Women Writing Undercover 1st Edition

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The first edition in a new anthology series highlighting the creative pursuits of Wexford women.

From the editor, Deirdre McGarry
This magazine began to develop in my mind in 2020 after I helped to organise an International Women’s day event in Wexford library. A group of brave women told their intimate and often never-before-spoken-about experiences that had changed them as women and made them the women they are today.

The plan was to have further events but Covid 19
scuppered that one. The women who performed felt energised and empowered and the men who attended realised they’d heard writing that didn’t show its face in mixed groups. Somehow the women felt emboldened by being together and having each other’s support.

I realised there is as well of different experience, an
underground stream of untapped expression which might find its voice in a new magazine. I have been delighted with the range of submissions we received on our first theme of ‘annunciation’ and it has been a pleasure to sift through them. I hope some of these voices speak directly to you and resonate with your experience or inform your understanding.

We always need to hear and listen to each other.

In a sense this first issue is Undercover’s annunciation. We are announcing our arrival on the literary scene. Some people were a bit confused by the religious associations in their own
minds. But as you can see from the pieces we published the women writers are announcing not just their own unpublished work but their voices in a women’s forum in their glorious diversity and inclination, expressing honestly and vulnerably
the issues important to them, the experiences and attitudes and life lessons which have moulded them as women.