Bronagh 1st edition is a sell out

Posted by Wally O Neill on

A debut novel by young Wexford author AoifeRose O' Brien has become a sellout hit.  "Bronagh" is the story of a young woman who survives an act of sexual violence as a child and now her past tortures her present.

At the recent launch of "Bronagh" in Wexford's Clayton Whites Hotel, AoifeRose recounted traumatic events in her own life which had led her to author this book.  She said, "You would think that the suffering at the hands of my abusers would have been the worse part, but it wasn't.  I was made feel as though I was a liar.  I was made feel unsafe, as though their protection was on my attackers side and not on me, the victim.  I was made to feel as though I had no voice which made me feel invisible.  My life suffered terribly and through that, I realised that I was only one out of hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland who had been made feel this way.  And I found me voice..."

Dr Maybelle Wallis, herself a respected local author, launched "Bronagh" officially, describing it as "one woman's journey through sexual violence and a legal system which protects rapists."

A second edition of "Bronagh" has already been commissioned and copies can still be purchased in Red Books, Odlums Shop in Baldwinstown and at