Rogue Tan (Padraig Cosgrave)

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Neville Deane is a decorated hero of World War 1 who struggles to lives with the peace afterwards. After he becomes involved in a street brawl in his native Liverpool he is subsequently blackmailed by the local police into joining an Auxiliary police unit in Ireland during the War of Independence, they are known by the native Irish as the black and tans and are despised for their brutality. When Neville witnesses their cruelty first hand he tries to leave the unit but is unsuccessful, a subsequent meeting with the family of an old war friend however sees him going rouge and enlisting in the 3rd West Cork flying column where he embarks on a violent and action filled struggle to survive. The story brings to life events which occurred in Ireland a century ago in a tale of action, adventure, violence, friendship and personal redemption as a fledgling nation fights for its freedom.