Houses of Wexford (David Rowe & Eithne Scallan)

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As is the case with our other books, this is an attempt to record useful basic information on over a thousand houses in County Wexford, most of which were erected prior to the twentieth century. There are magnificent line drawings by the author and his son Brian, many of which are of buildings now demolished. Of special interest to topographers, local historians, architectural historians, genealogists, estate agents, and lawyers, there is an informative foreword by Professor Kevin Whelan. The introduction by the authors provides the reader with a good basis from which to make full use of the information contained in the book. There is also a comprehensive bibliography, index and glossary. The name of each house listed is followed by a translation or interpretation and, if necessary, appropriate comments. Family names of owners, lessees and others associated with the property are listed and the townland and parish given. Locations are identified with a nearby town or village and grid references; distances are often shown, in kilometres. The present condition of the house is described as is also that of the demesne, and this will be a further help with identification. Technical terminology has, within reason, been avoided. The short but comprehensive history is usually of a genealogical, historical and architectural nature and should encourage the reader to continue their research should they be interested in the specific house concerned. This book has been written to be enjoyed. Hopefully it will interest not only those already mentioned but also the owners or lessees of the properties listed and those who live nearby.