Bygone Dawn (Luke O' Connell)

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Lucian Taylor is no stranger to change. Being suddenly and violently forced into a life of silence made sure of that. Even so, with the help of those precious few who stuck by him, he adapted.

However, when a mysterious and miasmic fog descends upon his hometown, his world ends with searing pain and abyssal black. When he wakes, the life he thought he knew is gone. In its place is a changed world; one devoid of civilisation and populated with wonders and horrors from ages long since past. And as Lucian gains clarity, he wishes that the changes would have stopped there.

But in this primeval and brutal land of teeth, claws and hunger, he finds that in his search for those he loves, the line between those who hold onto their humanity and those who embrace the newfound savagery is blurred.

Now, in a world where the past has been resurrected, only one thing faces extinction.