Detective Morgan: The Mysteries of times (Liadova Anastasija Sergejevna)

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My Dear Reader!This novel starts almost 200 years ago with the twist of a present time (as there is a lift, cameras, microchips, etc.) in Ireland. Don't ask me why? As I don't know the answer to it yet. And you may disagree with me on the page one, and it is completely ok, but let's just say WHY NOT? Some of it based on the true story, some of it – probably is a purely world of my imagination, I can't say it for sure and in some cases – excuse my "russian" if you find few mistakes – they are there for a reason...So, let me take you through the footsteps of a young Detective Morgan and Assistant who are faced with a mysterious murder investigation to catch the killer of Mary-Grace... and much more... Happy sleuthing!Love, Russian Star From Temple Bar!