Gangster Women and their criminal world (Susan McNicoll)

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"McNicoll has a keen eye for lurid detail, and her narratives moves along with compelling force" - Canadian Book Review Annual

Who were the gangster women who risked everything to stay with the men of the underworld?

This gripping account chronicles the history of gangsters' molls and mob queens, from harbouring criminals to life on the run. Susan McNicoll investigates these intriguing unions from the heady days of the 1930s flapper era and beyond. Had they abandoned everything for love, or did the idea of being with these hardened criminals seem glamorous and exciting?

Covers the life stories of:
• Bonnie Parker, from the infamous Bonnie and Clyde double act
• Virginia Hill, the glamorous girlfriend of Bugsy Siegel who died mysteriously
• Evelyn Frechette, who was charged with harbouring murderous mobster John Dillinger
• Vi Mathis, the partner of Kansas City massacre gunman Verne Miller

With photographs to accompany these shocking tales, 
Gangster Women is an honest and gritty account of these "gun molls" and their criminal lovers.