Main Street: Heart of Wexford (Nicky Rossiter)

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Wexford is one of the few towns or cities in Ireland where Main Street is still the main retail and commercial street of the town. In Dublin this honour goes to O’Connell and Grafton Street; in Cork it is Patrick Street; but in Wexford, Main Street is the hub and the site of Wexford’s hidden historical gems. Main Street: Heart of Wexford contains little-known photographs, interesting advertisements and intriguing information about the street, such as the presence of a bag factory on South Main Street, Frank Hall of Radio Telefis Eireann being the official opener of the Book Centre in Wexford on 13 June 1975, and that Lamb House was a shop at the top of Anne Street on the south side and had a life-size lamb as its shop sign. Both insightful and comprehensive, this book is a wonderful history concentrating on the principal street of Wexford.