Unwashed Shorts (Richard Williams)

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An assemblage of tale tales, short stories, flash fiction, and odd odes Containing traces of nuts, nudity, naughtiness, nastiness, and nonsense.Also reputed to contain:•Sex (both male and female).•Goblins (the fairies were innocent, I swear... quite a lot really).•Superheroes and Sub-villains (or visa-versa) •Grumpy old gits (probably me)•Begrudgery and whining (Ok... It was me)•Bestiality (Allegedly, there’s no proof...I wasn’t there, I swear... again)•14.5% Alcohol (Definitely me) •More sex (not me!)•Lab rats (Don’t believe a word it says)•Betrayals (Trust no-one) •Time Anomalies (not travel – it was in the lockdown... wasn’t me testing my eyes)•Greed ( just buy the bloody book will you)•Murders (I have an alibi for that day)•Comeuppances (Is that really a word?)•Swearing (Not me this time)•Sex (Well I was thinking about it)And much, much more...or less...sex –look it’s not umpteen shades of grey, just good old black and... black (The white is just the space you can get lost in).Not to be taken seriously between mealsServe at room temperature, but for god’s sake if it breathes - burn it...Warning : If you read this book backwards... then you’re madder than I am.